Monday, 10 January 2011

New Semester, Life Downtown.

I haven't yet started school because I have Mondays off. Yet, I am already excited to start off the semester because I got the latest from Josh Groban!

Aside from my love of figure skater Patrick Chan (Toronto representttt), those of you following me on Twitter may have also noticed that I have a growing fascination (obsession would only sound creepy) with Josh Groban, the man with the wonderful voice and lovely sense of humour.

See here, if you haven't. 

I've liked Josh Groban since Grade Eight, aside from my embarrassing "poseurr rock, punk girl" faze. (Did you know that my idol used to be Benji Madden of Good Charlotte??)

AND, I had the hots for Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day? (Even though he's 20 years older than me?)

But as we all do, we have moved on.

But this is getting unrelated.

The point is, the week is starting off quite smoothly, as I not only got Josh's new CD, I also got a pass to meet Josh and get his autograph!! Awesome or what? I'm so excited because he has a beautiful voice, and he is just so damn cute! *FANGIRL CRUSHHH.*

I will update more on Josh Groban's Toronto appearance (he will be at the First Canadian Place this Wednesday!).  And other than that, I will speak more about his album Illuminations, which is amazing.

I feel a video blog coming soon!

Alas, I will leave you with this photo of me looking extremely excited.

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