Sunday, 24 April 2011

It's ONLY hair...

I was never a fan of haircuts.  I have always wanted to have long hair.

Unfortunately, I don't think that will ever happen because I'm always trimming it to get a desirable shape in order for it to grow a certain way.

In February, I got a trim.  It was nice.

Yesterday I asked for the same thing. Instead, I got three inches chopped off and my head looks like a bowl.

Please tell me how I went from this: 


 Please prepare yourself...close your eyes...

Are you sure you still want to move on???

Okay, I know it's not THAT bad. BUT IT'S SO SHORT!!!  When I asked for a trim I didn't mean to cut off enough hair to make a toupee!!

Not that I'm against contributing hair to make a wig, because I've always wanted to donate my hair. But how can I do that when something like this keeps happening??!! Since when do trims become HAIR-CUTS.?!

Sigh, I guess the hairdressers I get taken to will never understand...

It is a true fact that I have always hated getting my hair cut. Ever since I was a child, I would dread going to the salon. When I got my hair cut, I would cry.

How can I blame my little self?? My mom would always ask the hair dresser to hack off half of the hair I was so diligently trying to grow!!!

I know... obsessing over my hair is a bit selfish. There are so many people in the world who have it WAY worse.  Some people have no hair at all, while others have bigger worries such as no home, no food, or even clothes to wear.  Why am I so unhappy about something so little when people have it much worse than me and are still content with their lives?

Tis' why I'm so in Canada...

I actually thought about going into hiding because of this new haircut, but that would make me extremely stupid and cowardly.  

It's a good thing I can still put my hair up...for the most part.

In the end, I guess it is only hair and it'll grow back and look decent within one-two weeks.

But a few mental notes for my next haircut (GOD FORBID!!)

1.  Take a picture of my hair at a desirable length/style and show it to hairdresser.
2. DO NOT LISTEN TO MY MOTHER. OR, I should not even take her into the hair dresser.
3.  ...JUST DON'T CUT IT OKAY?!?!!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

My Phone is Posessed.

At the beginning of the school year, I noticed everyone had either a Blackberry or an iPhone while I was stuck with an outdated Nokia phone.

Mind you, it was still under my father's name.  This means that every time I would call, it would say Stanley Lui. As a result, car dealerships would call me to update the oil in my car (non-existent) or I would have my aunt call me a countless number of times because she would NEVER learn that my dad had a new phone (a Blackberry FYI).

At first I felt a bit poor and out of the loop.  But then, I  realized that having a smartphone would only make me succumb to the norm.  (Really Sam?! You want to stand out with your outdated cellphone?)

Whatever, I thought. I won't let a phone or any material things define who I am as a person!! I can survive without Facebook, email, or Twitter on my phone. Whatever!!  I'll get a new and better phone come Christmas time (contract expired then).

So come December, I was ready to pick my new phone.  While shopping for phone plans, I remained loyal to Fido, as my thrifty self decided that $25 a month was the way to go.  But with good phone plans came a poor selection of phones.  The best phone out there was the Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro and I honestly thought it was the answer to my quest to have a awesome phone and "BE COOL" AT THE SAME TIME WITHOUT BEING LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

I mean what's not to like? HD camera, Wi-Fi, personal ringtones, 5.1 megapixel camera....
Phone. Of. My. Dreams.

Or so I thought.

When I got the phone, a bunch of petty little problems came my way. First, the pocket-dialing. Because my phone is a touch-screen, I pocket-dialed my mother several times and left messages at her work phone...YES, that means she heard my conversations....SHE COULD HAVE HEARD MY SECRETS.

But thank goodness she didn't. I would have died.

And the next problem is something I call the "ghost finger". Every time I would text message someone, the screen would always pop up and ask me to add a picture, sound clip, or audio message. Of course I don't want that! I would be charged extra money!!

And then there comes the mystery texting where my phone would text my friend Aaron 20 times and call him 10 times a few seconds later.  Then there were times where I was charged unfairly by Fido because my phone would pocket dial 411...which charges with each phone call.

So guys, do you ever have these problems with your touch-screen cell phones?  Moreover, do you have a Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro? If so,would you like to help a troubled soul?

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A new goal for myself.

Guys, I feel fat.

People really don't lie when they say first-years gain the Freshman 15 and I have decided that I can't stand it anymore! From all the sitting, typing, annoying people for interviews, writing, and studying, I no longer have any time to do anything active anymore!!!

So I've had a realization.  I am going to go for a run every day or two days if it's possible.  When the summer starts, I will run every day. 

It's not that this is an impossible goal because I did run competitively for the last three years.   I won't say that I'm the fastest runner, but I certainly remember working my butt off two to three times a week running around in circles at different distances that had to be under a certain time.

500m breakdowns, 300mx6, 200x6, 300x150x150 x 2, 200m x 12, and so on and so on.  The track was my pretty much my third home.  

I know those just look like numbers to you, but trust me...they were quite killer.  I remember going to the track scared because I didn't know whether the workout was going to be tough or "easy".  But whatever the workout was, I did it anyways.  I got through it with the help from my teammates, coach and that stupid voice at the back of my head telling me I would regret it if I gave up.  

But with working out also came with competing and I miss the meets and the thrill of competing the most.  Yes, I never came in first on my own, but I do remember winning a a couple of medals, t-shirts and ribbons from the good races I had.  I miss the teamwork that comes with relay races and the encouragement from my teammates while I ran my leg of the 4x400m race.

Really, I should have cherished those memories more.  Because now that I'm here in university, I feel like a fat...lack of a better word...bum all the time! 

Thus, I have decided to run a road race or at least try to enter one.  By doing so, I will force myself to work out and run to gain back the body I used to have. 

P.S. It's not that I'm fat. It's just that I feel fat.

And just to amuse you all, here are some pictures of me running back in the day. 

 Running faces are never attractive FYI.
 I stole the picture, if you haven't noticed.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

What I want as a journalist.

So as you might have known from previous posts or through my Twitter, that I have expressed thorough concern about finding an internship for the summer or even finding a job in the future.

I was lucky enough to find a trial internship with an independent entertainment site writing short articles about celebrity news.  Many would say that this is an awesome opportunity, but I'm not sure if this is something I see myself doing for the long run.  The thing is, many of my fellow classmates want to break out into the entertainment biz and I find that it's a fairly competitive field among other branches of journalism.

It is true that I am interested in music, film, television and the occasional movie star, but I'm not sure if writing about entertainment is well suited for me.  I understand that it's an incredibly popular subject in the media, but I can't see myself making a difference in the world through reporting on gossip and making allegations that might not even be true. In addition, as awesome as it is to review films and CDs, it would probably take all the enjoyment out of experiencing them because I would have to analyze them...kind of like an English Essay.

For the most part, the thing I am most interested about in terms of reporting on the entertainment industry is probably speaking to celebrities and seeing what kind of views they have of the world. But just like any other human beings, they can also say some incoherent and boring things...which wouldn't be worth my time at all.

The thing is, journalism is all about seeing the kind of views people have in the world, so why should I only focus on people who are celebrities?

What I really dream about is reporting at the Olympics and at other amateur sporting events. I want to focus on the athletes who perform well on the down-low, rather than focus on all the hoopla that comes with professional sports.  I want to focus on their life stories, to see their inspirations and to see all the dedication it takes to even make it to the Olympics.

But other than sports, I also see myself reporting in different countries. I want to attend a couple of protests, visit a site of a natural disaster (God forbids that happens) and even report at a community level focusing on people who should be appreciated for their good work.

So basically, the point of this rant is...I'm not sure if reporting for entertainment is for me. It just doesn't seem fulfilling enough.
But who really knows what the future has in store for me. Only time will tell.

Like athletes, I dream of Olympic rings.  Though this time, I want to see if all happen.