Friday, 5 August 2011

Eat, Sleep, Run, Read, TV and Repeat.

Hello my fellow blog readers!

For the past month, I have been working at my high school's summer school for big time procrastinators and slackers.  And seriously, I'm not lying about that...because the amount of work students had left, I felt no sympathy for them what so ever. (With the exception of Grade 12 students summer schooling Calculus because that shiz is hard and I would have never survived.)

Though from a full time job in the month of July, I am now unemployed once again for the month of August.  I'm not complaining though. My cousins from the UK are coming next week!!! I also have a (LONG OVERDUE) feature to write, and I will be heading to Europe for 10 days!!! (Yes, I know 10 days is not a long time for a Europe trip but I have school and tickets were cheap...and my cousins live there so why the heck not?!)

Anyways, I got my helix pierced!! It's not very special...and I actually got it a month ago...but here's a picture of it!

You can't see it very much...but it's there. I blame the glare of the sunlight and the poor quality of my webcam. Oh wells.

Anyways, I'm currently looking for a sweetheart strapless tube top to wear under sheer clothing. I am having no luck so I am turning to the internet to help me out. I would like a cheap basic...under $20 please would be preferable.  I'm looking for a bustier shape...but something more practical and comfortable.

For example, this is what I'm looking for.

 Please help a sister out!!!


  1. I'm jealous you get to go to Europe :) Hope you have an amazing time. & I love the piercing!

  2. how awesome that you get to go to Europe! Everything there is so beautiful! :D

    Have you tried looking over at for your tube top? They have a bunch of nice stuff there for a great affordable price. Maybe you can find something similar to what you want?
    Good luck!

    x, I