Friday, 9 September 2011

A New Year's Resolution that Came in Early.

A thought came to me after my trip to Europe.

While I took a lot of worthwhile pictures, I realized I probably haven't taken enough.  While I know I will be returning to Europe, especially London, England, I realized that I haven't made the best of my abilities in capturing some worthwhile things that didn't occur to me at the time while I was there!!

For example, being in Covent Garden for the four days, I could have probably taken 20 more interesting shots.  Being at Camden Market once, I should have taken a picture at more of the little trinkets from the vendors.  But of course, I probably would have gotten into trouble.

The point is, being a blogger and budding journalist, I should really become more of a visual person. Writing is not the only thing that is important anymore. Nor is watching a broadcast on TV.
Photography has never been my forte. I have always preferred video. However, I guess this year will be when I will improve.

Pictures are doing more of the talking nowadays.  And for that, I need to exercise this a lot more.

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  1. London is actually a nightmare place to take pictures with the volume of people in the way and the weather being unpredictable, and the enclosed nature of some of the space....

    With places like Camden though, never be afraid to ask vendors/people if they mind you taking pictures, they probably won't and Londoners are well used to bloggers, particular in areas like Camden.