Saturday, 6 November 2010

I don't want a pair of UGGly boots.

I cannot last any more Canadian winters without a steady pair of boots.

My current pair of winter boots have been super-glued, coloured-in, soaked, super-glued again, and torn to point that it's safe to say that I need to go boots shopping.

For the past two seasons, I haven't been able to spot a pair of nice boots. I don't want to sound picky but I don't want a pair of boots for the sake of fashion or those hefty, up-to-the-knees, Kodiak boots lumberjacks wear.

Uggs  are also not an option for me. First of all, they are generic because almost every girl (even some guys!) have a pair. Second of all, they are not even made for the winter season because they are made for sand. Thirdly, Uggs are also not for me because they are like outdoor slippers, therefore making them bad for my flat feet. I have seen people wear Uggs, and I can instantly tell that they are not fit to wear them. They walk in a crooked way, and it is actually quite unflattering. And lastly, I find them just plain atrocious.

But enough of the Uggs ranting. I want a pair of boots that is both stylish and water-resistant so that I will be fully satisfied for the winter season.


 Who knew Marks Work Wearhouse had such nice boots? No doubt that I would get a quality pair from that store, as IT IS linked to Canadian Tire. (I sound so's sad)
I think combat boots are pretty damn badass. I'm not sure how water-resistant they are, although the bottom pair is apparently water-proof. What do you think?

Or how about Tretorn wellies? They ARE for sure waterproof. But will they be able to withstand the Canadian winter?
Or how about Hunter wellies?

These are honestly the few pair of boots I would consider buying for the winter time, but I don't know! What kind of boots would you wear?

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