Monday, 4 October 2010

High School Nostalgia

Class ended at 1 pm today so I decided to go home.  It turns out that I arrived quite early, so I decided to visit my high school on a whim. 

It's not until I walk through the doors of my high school that I realize how much I actually miss it. Crosscountry, Track, Yearbook, Newspaper, Film Class, J-Squad, seminars, Day 0's, WAC, hell..even units!!! I miss it all!

I know, I know. I was behaving like a moody, little bitch before graduation. How could I have not? I have been wronged by so many people towards the end that I just didn't know where I could turn. I vowed to never go back, forget about high school, and CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. 

Not to mention that deadlines and an endless amount of homework was piling up on me like no tomorrow at the time.

But now that it's all over, dare I say it...I miss Mary Ward. Going back today made me realize that I did have some sort of impact on the people. I was actually surprised how many were happy to see me, wanted to give me hugs, and willing to stop for a couple of minutes to ask me how I was doing. The sad thing was, the people I came to visit weren't even at school! Disappointing.

The one person who did make my day was when my grade 10 crush gave me a hug and said how much he missed me. OH MAN, he's so cute. I'm not going to lie. I will always have a little crush on him despite all the times he used to tease me about stupid things and I would get angry and pissed off about it.

Then there were others, who told me to visit more often.  Surprised they would say that, even though we never hung out that much outside of Crosscountry and Track.

So I guess moral of the story here is, never forget high school! It's a blur, and it can be a nightmare sometimes, but don't take it for granted. This sounds corny, but high school is where I learned many life lessons, more of which I hope to learn in university.

Now, all there is to do is to learn how to leave my mark in university. But first, I have to study for my midterms.           

Now here is a regurgitation of photos from grades 9-12.

 You can really tell how lame and awkward I was back then haha!

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