Thursday, 28 October 2010

J-skool adventures

I feel like I haven't posted in ages. Though if you click here, it is my interview with Rocco Rossi in which I have posted last night.

On Monday, I exercised my right as a Canadian citizen and voted for the first time.  I'm glad to say that I knew who I wanted to vote for, but unfortunately I am upset with the results.

I did not vote for Ford, and I will tell you why in a later vblog.

Tuesday classes have become my favourite. I know, everyone should dread going to an eight-hour class, but I find it quite fun. I have met several interesting people downtown, and I really enjoy networking.

I woke up super early yesterday to go downtown to interview people around the city on what they felt about the election. I probably arrived TOO early, but I headed down to City Hall anyways. I kind of regret going up to the first person, because he kind of scared me.

He called himself 'THE CAT' and he told me some pretty frightening things. I don't know if I should be revealing them here, so I won't. All I can say is that he kept me there for 10 minutes accusing City Hall of things that I don't even know if they are accurate or not. I was so glad that my friend Arti came along afterwards, to save me from talking with him. (When you're doing Streeters you have to be really careful!!)

I'm so glad I had someone to venture around downtown with. Arti and I ended up walking a huge square around the downtown core. We headed to Queen St. W., but there weren't a lot of people so we went to the Ontario College of Art and Design.  I didn't think students would really have a lot to say about the election, but it turns out they really did.

They were not pleased with Rob Ford being Toronto's new mayor, especially because he did not support funding for the arts. I really enjoyed their opinions and it was very nice to add their input.

Realizing that I finally had a focus to this story, my friend and I ventured to art scenes all around downtown. AND I HAD AN EPIPHANY. I LOVE ART AND I LOVE ARTISTS. They are some of the nicest people in Toronto.

I even went into Vtape, where our film class went last year.  I need to go to these indie film places more often, let alone the NFB... I think I should make that a priority no?

Another cool place I walked into was Next Models agency, where I met Glen, who is a booker. It was super awesome to walk into the studio as he has met such big names like Coco Rocha and Stacey McKenzie which is really exciting. MAN, I LOVE FASHION.

But of course, the highlight my day was when my friend and I met Matte Babel!!! Not only is he incredibly gorgeous, but he is also really chill and cool. I was taken aback for a little bit when Matte told us to get out of J-skool because we won't make much of a difference locally, which nearly crushed us of our dreams.

He told us that if we really wanted to make a difference, we needed to go big, and apply for overseas places as well as top news networks such as CNN.  That, I will try and do.

Alas, the wondering meet-and-greet had to end, and we had to go back to school to write an article.  Too bad I couldn't write about how awesome it was, but here's to hoping for a good mark to that article. (AND I REALLY HOPE I DID OKAY *crosses fingers*)

Matte Babel and I!!! <3 <3 <3

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  1. wow my life pales in comparison to yours lol