Friday, 1 October 2010

Happy October!

Hi friends and happy October! I have created yet another video blog for all of you bored, "have-nothing-better-to-do", procrastinating, "I should be doing homework" people.

I too, should have been getting some work done.  Instead, I have chosen to hold a conversation with my camera and spend a good 30 minutes editing this video...which no one will watch because I am not INTERWEBZ famous.

Please forgive me as I have made this video on a whim and said all these things from the top of my head as I was filming! YAY for improvising!

This video is about "Smoking on Campus" and my opinion towards it.  I realize I sound really unintelligent in this clip, but to get my point across...I APPRECIATE MY OXYGEN THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  Cigarette smoke may be the preferable choice for some, but please do a favour to non-smokers and smoke somewhere with fewer people.

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