Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Just another Canadian Winter...

I'll probably get a lot of comments for speaking about this matter for the umpteenth time, but I DID NOT feel that today was a snow day.

Perhaps it was a lot worse uptown in Scarborough, but downtown Toronto did not seem to have a lot of snow.  Everywhere I turned, snowplows, salt-throwers and shovelers were at hand to keep the sidewalks and roads clear for drivers and walkers to travel safely and efficiently.

So my question is:  if this was possible for many downtown university students, why couldn't uptown students do the same...considering that there isn't much of a difference distance-wise?    

Yes we were expected to receive around 20 cm of snow, but there were years where many of us have endured worse.  I remember around two to three years ago, my high school was still open despite the super, heavy blizzard taking place outside.  Not to mention, I actually braved that storm to make it to school.  (Well, I actually lived across the street from my high it doesn't give me an excuse...)  But today, both the TCDSB AND the TDSB were closed?  I couldn't believe it.  To me, it didn't SEEM that bad...

But really, I'm only complaining because I wanted a snow day.  I really shouldn't because there are several homeless people outside braving the snow without shelter, food...or even a blanket.  Why can't we just stop complaining...or stop rejoicing about this said "snow storm" and think about all the people outside who are freezing?! 

How's that for ya'?

On another note about snow...I seem to attract a lot of people who want ME to take their photos.  I don't know if it was the snow or Downtown Toronto, but a couple and two friends asked me to take photos of them.  Nevertheless, I helped them.

In return, I asked the couple to take a photo for me!  I'm not sure if I like the photos, but I appreciate the effort!

They had very funny dialogue.

Man:  My picture is better because you can SEE EVERYTHINGG.
Woman: NOO.  Look at my picture! It's better, because you are the center of attention!!

I don't know... :P

By the way, my winter boots broke, and I'm looking for new ones! Suggestions?? 

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