Tuesday, 5 April 2011

What I want as a journalist.

So as you might have known from previous posts or through my Twitter, that I have expressed thorough concern about finding an internship for the summer or even finding a job in the future.

I was lucky enough to find a trial internship with an independent entertainment site writing short articles about celebrity news.  Many would say that this is an awesome opportunity, but I'm not sure if this is something I see myself doing for the long run.  The thing is, many of my fellow classmates want to break out into the entertainment biz and I find that it's a fairly competitive field among other branches of journalism.

It is true that I am interested in music, film, television and the occasional movie star, but I'm not sure if writing about entertainment is well suited for me.  I understand that it's an incredibly popular subject in the media, but I can't see myself making a difference in the world through reporting on gossip and making allegations that might not even be true. In addition, as awesome as it is to review films and CDs, it would probably take all the enjoyment out of experiencing them because I would have to analyze them...kind of like an English Essay.

For the most part, the thing I am most interested about in terms of reporting on the entertainment industry is probably speaking to celebrities and seeing what kind of views they have of the world. But just like any other human beings, they can also say some incoherent and boring things...which wouldn't be worth my time at all.

The thing is, journalism is all about seeing the kind of views people have in the world, so why should I only focus on people who are celebrities?

What I really dream about is reporting at the Olympics and at other amateur sporting events. I want to focus on the athletes who perform well on the down-low, rather than focus on all the hoopla that comes with professional sports.  I want to focus on their life stories, to see their inspirations and to see all the dedication it takes to even make it to the Olympics.

But other than sports, I also see myself reporting in different countries. I want to attend a couple of protests, visit a site of a natural disaster (God forbids that happens) and even report at a community level focusing on people who should be appreciated for their good work.

So basically, the point of this rant is...I'm not sure if reporting for entertainment is for me. It just doesn't seem fulfilling enough.
But who really knows what the future has in store for me. Only time will tell.

Like athletes, I dream of Olympic rings.  Though this time, I want to see if all happen.

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