Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Cooking with Sam!

To think that unemployment and vegging out on the couch would give me an excuse to blog more often, I have been doing a terrible job of keeping you guys updated.

Geez, even the busiest of bloggers who have school, work, events and photoshoots still have time to update their readers by writing a post in five minutes!!

But what's the use in updating your blog with just a couple of photos and a few words?? 

I believe in quality over quantity!  But since a lot of people have small attention spans these days in staying interested, I have decided to keep this short and sweet and provide a little "cooking" video that I did.

I am by no means an excellent cook.  And this banana-avocado smoothie I tried was really just an experiment.  I wanted to see if avocado tasted good in a smoothie!!

So here it is...enjoy!!

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