Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Sorry about the hiatus..

So it has been a while since I last posted.

My apologies...I really hope you haven't missed me too much!

(By the way, that was to the four dedicated readers I have...)

But I have a legitimate reason! I swear!!

In a previous post, I have mentioned that I was interning at  Canculture as a student reporter.  Although my tasks involved mostly one day assignments and 400 word articles, I was asked to write a feature on Ontario Place.  Being the rookie reporter, I obviously took the chance and took on the task. 

But wow, did I not realize it would take so much work. 

I've written features before...but never were they as thorough as this one.  Most of them were pretty much written in a span of two to three days.  Interviews would probably take about two weeks to be completed.

But for this feature, by golly! Not only did I have to make multiple phone calls to the same people, I had to do a lot more work in terms of getting facts, history and statistics. Not only that, it took three drafts and nine hours to edit with my editor!  It was absolutely exhausting.  

But now, I am delighted to announce that it finally got published onto the web at approximately 1:22 a.m eastern time. I am proud to say my hard work is finally online (not to mention with the help of my editor Andrew), even though I am aware that there are many quotes in the article.

For next time, I will try and make it flow better. If there are more critiques, please let me know.

Read the article here.  WHEW. I'm finished!!!

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