Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Harry Potter ends: A Part of My Childhood is Over.

Watching the final installment of the Harry Potter saga on Sunday has left me in a nostalgic yet depressed mood.

I'm no longer embarrassed to say this but Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, the Weasleys, Draco Malfoy, Voldemort, Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore, etc have been a great part of my literary adventures when I was a child and an adolescent.

Some boys used to tease me at school because I loved reading...but you know what?! I'm not ASHAMED ANYMORE. (Okay, I was never ashamed...but offended when they called me a nerd). And with that, I am admitting on this very blog post that I am depressed that the series is no longer continuing.

Thank you J.K Rowling for writing such an amazing saga with so much detail and developing your characters as if they were real human beings, just like us.  I feel so connected to Harry, Ron and Hermione...almost as if I could be one of their friends whenever I pop open a Harry Potter novel.

Thank you J.K Rowling for writing it in a way, that made me completely and 100 per cent content.  The only thing I would comment on was that it was too short!! I really am curious as to what happened after the Second Wizarding War. How did Harry and Ginny heal together?  How did Ron and Hermione's relationship develop??

Particularly, I am interested especially in Ron and Hermione.  I have always had a hunch since the second book that they would end up together.  But since the Goblet of Fire, I solidly became a HUGE Ron/Hermione shipper. That's the beauty of books I think.  They offer an escape to reality and just gives you such a nice feeling of nostalgia.  (AND if anyone who doesn't ship Ron/Hermione...I will happily debate over this in the comment sections ;] )

Okay, so now that I have finished gushing over the series in my confusing little word vomit up above...let me talk about the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2.  (THERE MAY BE SPOILERS SO PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS)

Part 1 was amazing, simply put.  Like Daniel Radcliffe said in an interview with Tribute Magazine, it was a "slow-burning drama", which I really, really enjoyed.  I loved the adrenaline involved when they were being chased by the Snatchers, the tension between the friends as they look for Horcruxes and for the romantic in me, the development of Ron and Hermione's ever-growing feelings for each other.

I mean really?  Didn't you just melt at the way he looks at her?!

The way they bicker??



Ron has always been my favourite. He's such a dork. And I love dorks. He's so funny and sarcastic...and UGHH I love HIM. AND RUPERT GRINT. I want my very own Ron Weasley. Or Rupert Grint. I don't mind. I want THEM BOTH!! (Must. Watch. All. His. Other. Stuff.)

And on to Part 2...the thing I was most looking forward to was Neville Longbottom and of course the kiss by Ron and Hermione.  I won't say much...but I wish they shot it better.  But yest, they did do it justice and I am happy enough.

But Neville!! (AKA Matthew Lewis). My..have you grown into a handsome man.  UGH.  Another big fangirl crush on you. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS. LOOK AT THIS.


 AHHH. The series was just too perfect.  The movies, a bit less than perfect...but of course books are better than the movies.  Go and watch Harry Potter!! And for those who haven't read all the books, it's never too late to start ;)

P.S.  This makes me laugh on a daily basis.

P.P.S Thank you again, J.K Rowling. for these books.  Stories like these make me love reading.


  1. (AND if anyone who doesn't ship Ron/Hermione...I will happily debate over this in the comment sections ;] )

    I ship Harry/Hermione and have always shipped them since the beginning. ;)

  2. BUT WHY THOUGH?! If you read back to the books, it was always Ron who noticed Hermione's actions (her crush on Lockhart, her messed up schedule in Prisoner of Azkaban, his jealousy over her going to the Yule Ball with Viktor Krum, his continual annoyance throughout the series, dating Lavender Brown to annoy her, her taking Cormac McLaggen to the Slug Christmas party to annoy him, her crying over him when he left, ETC!!) UGH Perfect all along LMAO

  3. I understand why these series mean so much to people. Many have been reading it since they were little and actually grown up with the books and the movies. I'm a little sad that I actually didn't read the books at some point, but I just recently started reading the first book (a little late, yes haha) but I'm hoping in reading the entire series at some point :D

    x, I

  4. I love Harry Potter !

    Klaudia B.