Friday, 8 July 2011

Stupid things I do: Episode 1

We're only human. I get it.

But sometimes, I do things that I really question about. Stupid things I should have known if I had thought two seconds about.

But nooo...I don't.

The other day, I was shopping at the local Goodwill.

(For those of you who think it's is actually sometimes really gross.  But I like to think that once you wash it once or twice, it will be good as new!!)

I like a good thrift store find. But when it's something that is used and priced over 10 bucks, I'm not going to buy it unless it is extremely special. 

So while I was at the Goodwill for its 50% off sale, I found this beautiful sheer oversized navy blue blouse selling for six bucks (regular $12).  Even though I knew similar blouses were selling for 60 bucks, this would be a steal right?

Apparently I didn't think so at the time.  I wanted to get it even more discounted because I noticed some loose strings.  But DOOOYY. Of course there would be loose strings. It's a freakin' thrift store!!

So this was me after lining up for 10 minutes.

ME:  Is it possible to get a discount because there are some loose strings?

Cashier: (sighs) Ma'am.  This is a thrift store so of course there will be loose strings. We don't do quality check.

ME:  Uh..okay.. (red face)

BAM. And just like that, I was embarrassed in front of a crowd of people lining up. (IDIOTIC ME)

But honestly. Who else is like me and wants the very best deal at all times?  Okay, so maybe I shouldn't have bargained for a six dollar shirt that was already discounted AND for charity...but I guess I just couldn't help myself.

Unfortunately, I don't think this really draws people away from the stereotype that Asians are cheap.

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  1. Worry not, I do this kind of thing all the time. My mother's personal favourite one to recount- me at the Lufthansa desk, checking in 30kg of luggage, even though the limit is 20kg. The attendant doesn't charge me and just carries on. Me: Won't there be a charge for the luggage"? Attendant: No don't worry about it, the flight's very quiet. My Mother: Glares.