Monday, 11 July 2011

Things I will never Understand: Part 1

I don't understand why people get all sensitive over personal and touchy questions when they are clearly open to it when they make a Formspring account.

Honestly, how can you get SO offended when someone asks you a question you don't like anonymously when you are clearly putting yourself out there for that to happen? 

The whole point of Formspring is the allow people to ask you a question they wouldn't normally ask in public because they were too scared, shy or simply thinking about it in their heads but didn't have the chance to ask you. 

Taking the syntactical message of a question and misinterpreting it by blowing it completely out of proportion is such a redundant thing to do when you are clearly subject to criticism and potential offensive questions when you decide to make an account where people can ask you "ANYTHING" they want.

And besides that, why does it even matter if you get an offensive question? You can either choose to reply in a humourous way, reply honestly, or just delete it in general as it is none of their business. You don't have to act immaturely and shoot back calling someone a terrible name or to cuss them out. Honestly, did you seriously expect less when you signed up for a Formspring account?

I'm beginning to sound extremely repetitive here so I'm hoping y' all get the gist of what I'm trying to convey here.  Just to make it more clear...whenever I get a hater comment, I don't reply back at all or I try to reply with the least minimal amount of effort.  Because honestly, shooting back will only cause more drama and will not prove anyone wrong.

That being said, I actually disabled my Formspring account. Not because I was getting a lot of insulting questions, but because I felt that I had better things to do than to badger people to ask me questions. In fact, I wish there was a way to permanently disable my Formspring just so I can keep things to myself. And if anyone needs to ask, then just ask me in person.

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