Thursday, 3 November 2011

My First News Stand-up

Check it out peeps.

This is my first news piece with a voiceover and stand-up.

I'm particularly proud of this piece after the fiasco I went through with my last one.  This time around, my group got along just fine.

This particular story is about the radio referendum taking place at my university.  With the shut down of CKLN last year due to lack of diversity and student-operated shows, production ceased in April. But with heavy campaigning, students in related programs such as Radio and Television Arts and Journalism have been campaigning to bring in a new station.

So...that's really the gist of it!! Watch it!!

I also showed it to my parents today and instead of praising me (I'm so vain...), they offered me critiques such as: "You talk a bit too fast", "You only interviewed guys."

Well, they were the only ones that offered articulate enough answers that were relevant!!!

Anyways, my reporting teacher and class seemed really content with the piece, so I'm hoping I did a good job this time around!!

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