Thursday, 3 November 2011

November = Time to be busy month

November will be the month where I will get even fewer hours of sleep than I already get.  That's because I have an essay, midterm, critical analysis and feature due!!! To add to that, I also have broadcast assignments!! Whoopee!!

But nonetheless, I am thoroughly enjoying school particularly because I finally feel as if I'm getting used to the whole university groove without having to make first year mistakes.  But perhaps I'm talking too soon.  I don't really want to jinx anything.  But definitely, I feel like I'm actually accomplishing things that will help me get to my long-term goal:  becoming a journalist.

Wow, that sounds really corny.  Anyway...let me tell you about my Halloween.

I originally wanted to go as a Sim character from the game The Sims.  It's a cheap and low-budget costume but it did work quite well.

However, no one knew what I I decided to make more of an effort and go the typical route of being a pirate.  But changing costume ideas meant I had to spend more money on my costume.  Not wanting to spend more than five dollars, I headed to the dollar store to buy a head piece and make-up.  That cost a total of $2.26.  What a big spender I am.  As for the rest of the costume, I just wore clothes I had in my closet.

The end result:

Photo creds:  Amber Hickson

And then it was party time!! Headed over to my friend's apartment and ate pasta and drank some wine.  So very classy... And if you're all wondering why I decided to pose with a wine bottle, it was because I didn't have a proper pirate prop (alliteration hehe).  Therefore, I pretended to be an alcoholic pirate. Is this even appropriate to post on this blog?  I really don't know.  Don't worry I was not crazy at all.

Just normal. :)

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