Friday, 16 December 2011

Honesty is the best policy.

I'll admit that I am not SUPER big on fashion blogging because I find a lot of it vapid and just another way to make me feel poor for not having "nice" clothing.

But when the Man Repeller  started to get popular a little over a year ago, I became an avid reader because Leandra Medine has a humourous outlook on fashion, dresses for herself and didn't give a damn about being single if she could dress the way she wanted with harem pants and furry shoes included.  

But when she announced earlier this week that she was engaged in a (now deleted but good thing there's CACHE) post, many readers were supportive.  But others blew up and were angry.  A part of me doesn't know how to feel.  I'll keep reading her blog because I find it entertaining a lot of times, but like many, I feel a bit cheated.  

I believe honesty is always the best policy when it comes to writing even if it is just a blog.  But for the past 18 months or so, Leandra has been pulling off this whole schtick about being perpetually single because she dresses weirdly.  I understand the whole point of her blog being solely a fashion blog with the perspective of attracting females who appreciate "fashion that men hate".  But to suddenly drop a bomb and reveal something personal like being ENGAGED after 18 or so months of coming off as a single girl who couldn't score a date because of your odd outfits is kind of wrong to me.  

Reading this thread, I gathered a lot of opinions from readers and  GOMI, the poster.  I agree. 

All writers (whether you blog or not), need to be honest with their readers and by doing so, they must pick one specific lane and stick with it.  If you're going to be a fashion blogger talking about weird fashions men dislike, then stick to that and be subtle about your personal life or not mention it at all!!    You can't pretend to be single for a year and a half while acting like you're best friends with devoted readers and fans when you say you want  "your private life private".  If you want to go with the whole "man-repelling" theme, then be consistent with it.  If the whole purpose of your blog is to show women that being single is okay and to dress the way you want, then there shouldn't be a need to be too personal and get attached.  Because then, people will feel betrayed and lied to.

I'll still continue to read her blog.  But this definitely changes my perspective on her.  Don't be personal if you're going to not share something with your readers.  Pick one theme and stick with it.  

Even though my blog doesn't have a specific theme, I know for a fact that this blog is a way to express issues that matter to me.  


  1. i am not really into 'fashion blogs' anymore mainly because the majority of them perpetuate consumerism. there are a few good ones out there that i still visit... but most are (like cupcakes and cashmere) are lifestyle blogs with a bit of fashion.

    i could care less about the MR but i wonder how her brand will change after this. meh. rich skinny white girl writing about fashion. same ol same ol.

    and in regards to linking your own post, the reason people on GOMI were upset was because you violated blogger ettiquette.

  2. @ CS

    Thanks very much for letting me know rather than leaving a harsh comment that won't solve anything.

    I haven't been very vocal in the blogging world for very long but it was never my intention to shamelessly plug my blog. I just didn't want to repeat myself.

    However, if it's violating blogger etiquette, what does it really say about GOMI? People on Gomi don't quite censor their words commenting harshly about people's looks, style and personalities with not much resolution to help others improve.

    But hey, I guess the world is just like that.