Tuesday, 20 December 2011


So...I did something shameful this weekend.  And it was something I loathed others for doing...which makes me really hypocritical.

I decided to link a blog post discussing the same topic on a website that specifically hated on bloggers. BOOM. Hate ensued.  I'm quite ashamed about this, but I'm slowly learning to move on.  I'm glad people came to tell me this, instead of those mocking me over the internet. Well, I guess I've gained some hate followers haven't I?

Oh well. That's not to say I condone most of the hate people say about other bloggers on the site anyways...If it were constructive criticism, it would be okay.  But some of the comments criticizing someone for their appearances don't quite solve anything or lead to any improvements.

That being said, yes I am a douche. Come and hate follow me!!! :)

In somewhat related news, I caught the film Shame the other day. And boy, it was really not a film to go see with friends.  It displayed full-frontal nudity and of course, lots and lots of sex.  I mean, what's a movie about a sex-addict supposed to be if it wasn't raunchy?

But if that isn't enough to turn you off, I come with more warnings.  Shame is not a film for everyone as it is probably the unsexiest movie about sex anyone will ever see.  Let's just say there is too much of it that you will leave the theatre wanting to take a long shower or wanting to watch a happy, children's flick.

What I do have to say is, the movie struck a chord with me.  Just like any addiction, Michael Fassbender's sex-crazed Brandon was in a terrible state and needed help badly. I just wish he could have helped himself much sooner instead of making the audience go through so much pain watching him suffer.  Though on the flip side, at least he had a nice body.   That made the film more bearable to watch.

If Michael Fassbender does not at least get a nomination for his acting, I'm not sure I can take the Academy seriously anymore. But then again, they put in ten nominees into the Best Picture category...which completely takes out the whole competitive nature of the awards.

This isn't a film I would recommend, per say.  But if you're still interested, I've left you with a teaser.  Watch this beautifully crafted scene scored by Hans Zimmer as Fassbender's Brandon tries to chase after a woman he isn't able to completely lure.

I do have to say, if Fassy wasn't so attractive, this scene wouldn't be as easy to joke about. If this happened to me in real life, I would have ran far, far away!!!!

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