Thursday, 26 January 2012

Two Oscar snubs I can't get over...

As the Academy Award nominations came out on Tuesday, I couldn't help but feel a little upset for the movies and actors that got snubbed.

I'll admit that I haven't seen every film nominated, but there was really no way some of the nominations were as deserving as those that didn't get nominated.

Let me start off with the actor that I was almost 100 per cent sure to get a nod, if not a win:  Michael Fassbender.

I know Shame is not a film for everyone due to its 18A rating, full-frontal nude scenes, and heavy sex but if Fassy did not give one hell of a performance, I don't know what the Academy's standards are.  Yes, I agree with the nominations given to George Clooney, Gary Oldman, and I suppose Jean Dujardin (for his amazing expressions during a silent film) but to forget about Fassy after all he had to go through to play a sex-addict?  You guys are whacked out of your minds.

I'm sorry if this isn't the greatest, "journalistically" speaking blog post, but seriously, I don't know what the Academy sees.

I suppose they're a more conservative bunch that doesn't really appreciate artsy, r-rated films...but if they could only see how well he played his role...they're crazy.  Fassy was brilliant and he portrayed his pain and suffering so brilliantly.


Another person I was hoping to get nominated was none other than Ryan Gosling for his roles in The Ides of March or Drive.  I know both films were not heavily favoured around the awards circuit, but given his performance in both, I'd say it should have been nominated for something.

I can see how Drive was not nominated as it is a more "arthouse" style of film but I thought Gosling was amazing in The Ides of March. Though not his best role, I thought he was one of the better actors this year...and I'm not saying this because I find him attractive.

To be honest, I feel that Ryan Gosling is an actor who isn't really recognized for what he has done.  While he definitely has the popularity to make him successful, I really think people overlook his talent for his looks.

Okay, so maybe The Ides of March and Drive didn't really make him an Oscar-worthy contender, but why hasn't he been nominated for something from his earlier films?  I know he was nominated for an Academy Award for Half Nelson, but I didn't really think that was his best role either.

For me, his best roles were in Lars and the Real Girl and in Blue Valentine.  Both characters he played were so heartbreaking for different reasons...I really don't know why The Academy didn't consider him Oscar worthy earlier...

But perhaps, time will tell.

Both Fassy and Gosling are fairly young and have more years ahead of them to snatch a nod and possibly a win.

To next year and better choices!

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