Sunday, 29 January 2012

Case of the Annoying Fans

On Friday my friend Bethany and I woke up extra early to catch Daniel Radcliffe on The Morning Show.

Since it was raining heavily, snowing and still relatively dark outside, I figured there wouldn't be as many people outside seeing that he already made a lot of promotional rounds the day before (he was in town promoting his new flick The Women in Black).

But when we arrived, there were three young girls waiting eagerly outside, talking very loudly and just being pretty obnoxious.  

(FYI, this is not a post dedicated on hating the younger generation as I know many teens and pre-teens who are very well-behaved. It was just a matter of how these particular people were behaving)

 I don't mind "fangirling", as I embarrassingly admit that I do some of it myself (see: here and here).  But when you start to disturb the camera people, talk show hosts and journalists inside, then it becomes a problem.  

To be a respectful fan is to watch from outside without disturbing the people working inside.  Taking photos (as long as the flash is not too disruptive is even fine).  But when you start banging and yelling outside for the star to look at you, then that's just asking the person you're there to see not want to go out and meet you. 

And that, is precisely why I feel Daniel Radcliffe's PR made him leave without greeting us properly (He did wave, which I thought was really cute!)

So the *~moral*~ question of this post is, what good is there really to fangirling/fanboying/whatever it's called nowadays?  It's awesome to see your favourite actors/actress, singers, bands, philanthropists, journalists, etc...but I think it is going a bit far when people start scoping out license plate numbers, hotel rooms and follow the celeb's every single step on their schedule.  

Getting a little bit of interaction is great, and I can see how all of the above could be a form of flattery, but celebrities have lives.  

Don't mob them.........

On another note, while Dan wasn't able to interact with the fans, I was still very pleased to have seen him anyways.  Here was the boy who became the face of my favourite series' main character.  And now, he's branching out to new and better roles. I wish Daniel the best of luck!!!!

 His waving was super dorky. Loved it!! 

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