Monday, 16 January 2012

Why I hate the blogging game.

I've had a long time to ponder over a post like this. And while I have difficulty expressing my thoughts on blogging, this was all I could come up with:

Blogging sucks.

Lately, I have been finding the world of blogging incredibly superficial. Bloggers who I've liked have started to sell out with their corporate sponsorships, giveaways, free gifts and lack of intelligent writing. And I'm not saying this because I'm jealous of all the free swag they get.

I'm saying this because I feel blogging has lost all of its integrity.

Blogging in my eyes should share inspirational stories, quirky tidbits, advice, news and speak out about interesting topics that will draw readers in. As I am sure there are several blogs out there who fit into these  categories, all I am seeing is an overwhelming amount of bloggers doing the exact opposite.

From posts that were once unique, interesting and insightful came mediocre posts that seemed like its writers were blogging for the sake of blogging.  That means, posting for the sake of keeping readers, and updating to maintain the sponsorships and connections they've gained.

I've always been very iffy about the whole "blogging as a career" thing.  Look, there's nothing wrong with gaining money from your blog if you offer interesting content. But when it becomes something shallow like seeking advertisements for the sake of spending five minutes writing a blurb about a whole outfit given to you by a company, what point is there to read or follow your blog?!

As I am sure there are many amazing blogs somewhere in the world, I've found that I have been surrounded by bloggers who just want to get famous. And the ones I've liked, are selling out because they write a post dedicated to advertise a company who's gifted him/her an item.

It's this complete superficiality and shallowness that makes me want to completely stop blogging.

But perhaps I can be a different type of blogger.

From now on, I pledge to myself that I will blog when I want and what I want.  No more blogging for the sake of blogging. No more blogging because "like OMIGOD...I can get famous!!"

Because let's face it. Getting famous takes a lot more work.

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