Monday, 27 September 2010

Culture Days proving Arts and Culture are here to stay in Canada

This past weekend (September 24-26) I had the privilege to attend one of the Culture Days events taking place in my city.

Culture Days is a pan-Canadian volunteer movement to raise the awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement of all Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities.  This means that through these three days, several free activities will be held all across the country to promote the arts and cultural life in provinces and Canada as a whole.  This is an event that will take place annually.

Aubrey Reeves, who is one of the coordinators of the Culture Days activities taking place in the Greater Toronto Area, says that the event is incredibly important for Canada because the event relies on volunteers all across the country to put out arts-related activities for Canadians. "Celebrating creativity that happens in Canada and culture play a huge part in our lives. Culture Days is not just about professional artists, but it's also for those people who do art everyday in their daily lives." she says. 

In the province of Ontario, there were around 900 activities taking place such as Musical Theatre Workshops taking place at the S. P.A.C.E, film screenings at the NFB, and Salsa Lessons at the Lula Music and Arts Centre to name a few.  All across the country,  over 4,000 activities took place. 

The event I went to was conveniently located at Yonge and Dundas Square, which is right beside my school.  That day, CBC was there to celebrate the art of broadcasting.

"Perfect!" I thought, as that is the field I want to get into.  And how glad I was to have went!  I met five CBC news anchors, and some of them actually attended Ryerson!

Anchors such as Deana Sumanac, who is a CBC Arts News reporter, told me that Ryerson is the place to be to study Journalism.

 "It's in the center of downtown Toronto, there's always so much action going on, and the school actually helps students find internships!" she said. 

 She was really nice, and offered me a lot of helpful advice. She even gave me her autograph, and signed a note saying:  "Good luck- maybe we'll even work together at some point!"
Another journalist I had to privilege to talk to was Anne-Marie Mediwake, who is a news anchor at CBC.  She too, is a huge supporter of this event.  "In Canada, it is hugely important because funding has been cut back in the country.  So this is a way to show Canadians that we're still here and culture and arts are here to stay." she says.

Though in terms of advice for me and my future career, Mediwake offers much needed insight. "Work hard.  Look for opportunities, ask for opportunities and do a lot of reading."

I guess I should get off the computer then, huh?

For more information on Culture Days, go to

I am attending next year again for sure!
(first photo from Culture Days website) 

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