Sunday, 19 December 2010

HELP?!?!?! How do I take these in??

I still haven't quite finished my Christmas shopping, but I wanted to avoid the mall at all costs due to a crazy rampage of shoppers.  I told my parents that I would buy them whatever they wanted when we go to our next road trip to the States...just so it would make all of our lives easier.  At least I have made some progress.  I DID buy my sister her gift already.

So in avoidance of the mall, what better way is it than to go spend my Saturday afternoon at the Salvation Army?  It's been too long since I've been there.  There were these beautiful witchy like boots, but unfortunately they were a size too small!! That makes me sad.

I wish I could have found more treasures, but I at least came out with something nice...I think.  I found these beautiful tie dye silk pleated shorts from Rachel Roy!

Unfortunately, they are a few sizes too big. But how could I resist such a buy? They were ONLY $4 and the texture was sooo soft and smooth!  And besides, the design, is just wild enough for me.

So my question here is, how do I take these in to make them slimmer? Any tips?  I know I could easily go to a tailor, but wouldn't it be cheaper and thriftier to do it on my own? Certainly wouldn't be too hard.  If anyone knows any good tutorials and tips, please share them with me!

I have a habit of buying clothes that are too big for me. Blame my mother who used to tell me that I'll eventually "grow into it". Tutorials would truly be helpful!!

 On another note, I beat QWOP!!!! I'm a national hero!!! It is honestly one of the hardest games. But I found a way to conquer it!! Always a track athlete =D

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  1. i always buy things too big thinking that i can fix them too!! hmmm, looks like it has belt loops? i would just belt them over a fitted top or bodysuit, and throw a long cardi over it all??