Monday, 6 December 2010

Tumblr's down= OMG MY LIFE IS RUINED.

For those of you on Tumblr, the following image must be quite familiar to you. 

 For the past 24 hours, Tumblr was unavailable due to a maintenance issue that took down a critical database cluster (whatever that means...), thus bringing down the entire network.

Now as a Tumblr user, this posed as a small irritant when I wanted to procrastinate from studying. To others, the effect of Tumblr's "black-out" was much more dramatic.

All over my Facebook and Twitter feeds, I saw status updates complaining about the site's downfall.

"TUMBLR'S down.  Means life is down."
"I've been refreshing Tumblr for three hours now!!!"
"R.I.P. TUMBLR....."

I think you get the point.

But the bigger question I have is:  Why is Tumblr being down such a big inconvenience?

To me, Tumblr is just a place to reblog and re-post pictures, quotes, and funny memes. It becomes excessive spamming and nobody cares at all what original content you decide to put onto your blog  To me, Tumblr's just a bit of a distraction (although it is fun at times!) 

From observing everyone's frustrations to Tumblr's service fail to the happiness and "Hurrahs!" of the site being back up again, it really makes me wonder what kind of impact Tumblr has had in all of our lives.  Barely anything posted is original, you see things that have been posted five times already, and things are reblogged so often that it's gotten to the point where you don't know what the hell you've put onto your blog.

I realize I sound like some bitter fool over here, but I just want to ask if all this was really necessary.

Not to rain on anyone's parade...but there IS a world (GASP) that exists outside of Tumblr (YES, a world with life that is more than looking at memes, pretty pictures, GIFS, and blogs).

Perhaps, we might need to reevaluate the ways we spend our time.

Though enough with the ranting. The resurrection of Tumblr has brought many humourous memes and quotes that I would like to share with all of y'all.  

"I survived the Tumblr blackout of 2010." 

Your life is sad. I'm sorry.

LOVE the Spongebob reference.

And my absolute personal favourite...
I honestly have no words to describe this.

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