Thursday, 31 March 2011

JUNO FanFare

School has been superbly hectic.
With my first year of university drawing to a close, I have been rushing to finish assignments so I haven't been able to update very often. 

But, don't fret! I am back with oodles of good stuff. For one thing, last week was the 40th Annual Juno Awards.  This year it took place in my hometown of Toronto with's own Drake!!

For those of you who don't know what the JUNOs are, think the Grammy's but, the Canadian version.  

Unfortunately I couldn't attend the event because of homework and student budgets. However, I did get a chance to attend some of the free events.  If you look at the post below, you may have already browsed some of the pictures I took at the JUNO Cup.  

I did attend the JUNO FanFare the next day...unfortunately by myself like a loser.  I only wanted to meet Down With Webster, which I did. I even managed to get some pictures with them! Actually now that I think about it, I feel like a big dork!!

So as for autograph signings, I think this may be the last one in a while before someone is willing to go with me.  I've decided that I'm not a big fan of meet and greets because celebs probably won't even remember me anyways. I mean lining up for two hours to speak with a star for two minutes? They better be well worth the wait!

This is why I hope to use my future career as a journalist as a chance to speak with interesting individuals. Not just celebrities, but people who are inspiring, who have brilliant ideas and amazing lives! 

Then maybe... they will have a better chance at knowing who I am. Just maybe.

Anyways, enjoy the pictures!! I would make a video blog out of this, but I didn't get a lot of footage and the two girls in front of me were giving me super strange looks.  Oh well, they didn't know I was trying to get a story out of the

 Marty and Kyle!
 Bucky Buck!!
Faber Drive
 Danny Fernandes!
  These Kids Wear Crowns
 Jacob Hoggard of Hedley
 Me and Cam!
 Taking a picture with Bucky Buck!
 With Pat and Dave!
And with one of my favourite former VJs from Much, who also currently holds my dream job as a CP24 correspondent...Devon Soltendieck!!

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