Saturday, 1 October 2011

Late Update: TIFF

Holy moley. It's probably been three weeks since I last posted on this thing?

Well, apologies x 1 million!  School has been really busy...and I never expected it to be this stressful!!!

First of all, I would like to say that after seeing Drive at TIFF, I ended up seeing three more movies for free
From what I saw, my recommendations would be From the Sky Down, Damsels in Distress (surprisingly!), and Where do We Go Now?

DO NOT, I TELL YOU, waste your time watching Wuthering Heights.

The film was boring, lacked dialogue, was too long, and the acting was horrible.  Maybe I'm just being overly-dramatic and critical, but what I did know was that I should have watched something else with my volunteer voucher. I guess you could say the good that came out of the film was taking someone's second-hand popcorn they left (probably because the movie was a hot mess) and joking with my friend Beth.

By the way, when I mean second hand popcorn, it technically was not taking someone's trash and eating it when they left more than half of their box full of popcorn...but make your judgments.

On the other hand, the People's Choice movie, Where do We Go Now?, was a pleasant surprise. Directed by Lebanese actor/writer and director Nadine Labaki, the film touches on the sensitive issue of religious conflicts while adding in a little heart and humour.

Overall, TIFF was an incredible experience. I am definitely going to rush line films again!  Rushing is probably the most exhausting and best part of TIFF.  Not to mention, seeing the beautiful face of Ryan Gosling here and there.

Alas, I will end off with a couple of pictures I shot from the red carpet of 50/50.  Which of course, I need to see!!

P.S.  I was a little bit disappointed when Joseph Gordon-Levitt didn't stop by for photos or autographs.  I'd just like to say that half the people waiting were there just for him.  He made a lot of people angry that day.  But on another note, Seth Rogen signed my  poster!

Goes to show Canadians keep it classy.

 JGL why you lookin'so smug?!

 High fives all around with Seth Rogen!

 "AHUHEHEHE."That's how he laughs. 

Keepin it classy Rogen. Keepin' it classy.

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