Monday, 24 October 2011

Things through my mind at the moment.

1.  Decent mark on my broadcast assignment.  We stayed at school until 11:30 pm...because we are boss.  Nonetheless, I honestly and sincerely thought it was horrible.  But my teacher thought the edited version was not the issue despite the piece being flawed.  I would post an example right on this post, but I figured it would be embarrassment to my two other members.  Unless...they think otherwise...

2.  Frustrated with the fact at how immersed in commercialism I have become ever since going to university.  I feel that I will divulge on this topic a little more in a later post but lately, I have found myself lamenting more over clothes than boys. Never homework though. The geek in me will cry if I ever fail.

3.  Currently wondering who I like better.  Ryan Gosling or Patrick Chan. RIGHT? I KNOW RIGHT?  Never have I thought I would have to decide between this because I am equally unqualified for both of them.  Sigh...Awkward Girl Problems...

  I remember last year was all about PChiddy. And while I still love PChiddy, there's something about Ryan Gosling that I makes me love him so!!!  Maybe it's because Ryan dresses so much like what I envision my ideal man to dress like. You see this?! All this shallowness!!!   I dunno. The way he just carries himself! UGH. I really cannot handle myself. But it's not just that!! Ryan is so charming and funny in person and in interviews that I just want to know him!! Be friends. Have tea together. Hang out together. He can even drive me in the Chevy he drives in his new movie Drive!!


Okay, getting carried away.  I promise to update more.

Yay for stupid blog posts. 4evah!!

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