Friday, 14 October 2011

School = Stress.

I am currently typing this while I wait for an interview.

School has been incredibly stressful with midterms and assignments that I have neglected this blog once again.   And of course, there really is nothing interesting going on in my life.

Somehow, I get the feeling I say something like this in every blog post, so you might as well just skip on through to the bottom.

Anyways, I'm currently working on a news segment about midterm exams and I am put into a group with two other people.  My job for this week, is the editor.  Now I don't have a problem with that, but things have not gone accordingly because of  terrible camera shots, and last minute interviews.  Therefore, I am skipping class as we speak just so I can wait for an interview and edit this piece.

I dislike ranting about boring things, but this project has been incredibly stressful for me.

On another note, I ended up getting new glasses! And it's about time I got a pair too!  My old ones lasted me six years. If anyone's counting, that's since Grade 8.

So...that's really about it!  Here is a picture of my new glasses.

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