Sunday, 16 October 2011


While I wait for my news video to encode, I resorted to my Gr. 9 days and decided to take pictures of myself on my horrible webcam and do a terrible photoshopping job. 

Thus, it the above picture is the result.  I really have no idea why I'm even posting this...but I guess you could say I like my new plaid shirt and my braided hair.  MY HAIR IS LONG ENOUGH TO BRAID!!!! 

Wow. SO irrelevant. 

On another note,  I went to A & C World yesterday for a Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament so I could complete interviews for my place profile.  I felt like I was experiencing high school again or something because I ran into at least three people I recognized from school.  It was kind of an odd experience, but's nice to catch up. 

The world is honestly so small.  

Anyways, I ended up shadowing a player named Kyle...who goes by the name Idea when he plays Super Smash Brothers.  His main character is Jigglypuff, a round, pink pokemon with massive eyes you can swim in.  At first, I laughed...because I thought Jigglypuff was the most annoying character on Super Smash.  But it turns out that Kyle is an excellent player!! 

That's Jigglypuff...

 I'm really glad I chose to follow him around. He was extremely nice and he didn't think I was annoying for tagging behind him all the time!!  I guess he thought it was pretty cool to be part of an article.  

Overall, the whole tournament experience was interesting yet exhausting.  I don't know if I'll ever be competing in a video game tournie, but I can see why people keep coming.  The gaming community is incredibly tight and welcoming...and everyone in the room yesterday made me feel like one of them.  Gamers and self-proclaimed nerds....I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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