Sunday, 5 February 2012

Thoughts. Thoughts. Thoughts

I realize that I manage WAY too many blogs and am planning to cancel a few of them.
I was thinking about quitting Tumblr…but then I realized how much of an impact some opinions can have that they end up going viral. 
I also enjoy following blogs such as The Daily What and the National Post to get weird tidbits about the world. 
I guess what I’m saying here is that Tumblr can influence people to think differently. But first we gotta stop spamming people with the same memes…
I was thinking: should I close my Blogspot? I mean, personal blogging just seems so…vapid (only some of them). But then again, it is nice to write something that’s a bit more personal, informal and generate a discussion. 

On another note, I was thinking of making short little film. By short, I mean two-five minutes long. I don't really know what it will be about...but I hope it can turn out awesome!

And of course, I would have to focus on homework first...(HAH, what is SCHOOL?!)

In addition this this, I am also planning to get more broadcast experience. Sadly, I live in Toronto. And even though opportunities seem endless, there are also a lot of people seeking the same types of jobs. Nonetheless, I am willing to freelance. So if you got some projects, hit me up!! My number is...416...(nah, just kidding!).

I realize this is getting really pointless. But if you like these stream of consciousness type of posts, I hope you may be loyal enough to stick around!

And as I leave, here is a video of an awesome kid with a lot of swag.

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