Saturday, 19 March 2011

Age of the Pre-teen Popstars??

So all anyone has been able to talk about this week was Rebecca Black and her single "Friday".

I recently wrote a post about her new-found popularity for the Prince Arthur Herald.  You can check it out here

Horrified by the lyrics and corny music video that went along with Black's single, I was surprised to find out that there are more pre-teen popstars "on the rise".

Jenna Rose ft. Baby Triggy:  My Jeans

"HAHAHAHA Jack my swag."

Catered to the Disney demographic comes a supremely materialistic and shallow song about jeans. First of all, I'm quite sure she's not wearing jeans in the song at all...and why should pre-teens be caring so much about wearing " Hannah Montana's jeans" ? And really, how is it possible for 12-year-olds to drive?

Alana Lee: Butterflies

So another single from the Ark Music Factory is Alana Lee's "Butterflies". Although the song is equally auto-tuned with an equally corny music video, somehow...this song catchier than Friday?? I mean if these girls can really sing, why should there be auto-tune added in?

So having seen these...all I could think about was how I could have gotten a single out at the age of 12. I mean if Rebecca Black got viral with corny lyrics and auto-tune...why couldn't I?

And then I found out something. Most of these singers are with the Ark Music Factory, a record label based in LA that caters to "independant artists." With further research, I found out that Rebecca's mom actually paid the label to have her daughter sing their music...


Yes, I know this is a Wiki page, but the sources seem notable!!!

So, how do you feel about all these new singers who hope to be the "next Justin Bieber?"

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