Saturday, 26 March 2011


Hello all.

What an eventful week it has been! Toronto is hosting the annual Juno Awards this year, and Drake is hosting!  Unfortunately, I don't have the money to afford tickets but I attended two of the Juno Events which were both free for me.  Yesterday I attended the JUNO Cup with Stephanie, Jan and Iriss because Steph was lucky to have won tickets!  It was such a mission to get there because we weren't paying attention the first time and went on the wrong streetcar. Turns out we ended up at ChinaTown. The second time, we got onto the right streetcar, but it was going to the garage!! So, we had to be dropped off and we ended up walking to the Ricoh Coliseum...

Nevertheless, we finally arrived and thus the game started!! What a great way to bring hockey and music together! So Canadian! 

Some of the artists who attended include Tyler Armes from Down With Webster, Sarah Harmer, Kathleen Edwards and Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo.  These "Rockers" faced the "Alumni" team, which consisted of former and current NHL players such as Gary Roberts, Brad Dalgarno, and Gary Leeman. 

 I don't usually watch hockey...which is a bit of a shame...because I don't know which team to follow!! I only watch the World Championships. Everything amateur sports is what I will watch :)
I was cheering for the Rockers the whole time. Unfortunately, they lost 10-13.  But from what I've heard, they haven't won in a while!

Too bad we weren't able to meet some of the artists or players. But, it was a good thing I ended up going to the JUNO FanFare!!

But, that will be left for another post because I have a ton of pictures from there as well.

But on another note, remember the interview I had with Paralympian Paul Rosen?? Well it's published for The Ryersonian now and you can read it here.

I've also written an opinion piece about how 1/4 women don't enjoy their wedding proposals.  According to a comment from a girl, it is "condescending" and "poor journalism." I wouldn't call it journalism per say, but if the editors thought it was okay to publish, then it would be appropriate right?  First of all, I would never lie about my statistics. If you were really curious about it, there are plenty of articles published on the matter that can be found on Google.

Either way, I never meant it to be condescending, because I do not feel highly about myself. I did however, mean to sound a bit harsh as to give these women a reality check. It is true that 75% of women are content with their proposals but to know that the other 25% aren't happy with their proposals...? That's unfortunate. Being proposed to is a tough task on its own. What I'm saying is, women should just stop playing these fantasies in their heads to save themselves from a future letdown...But hey, if 13 people liked the article, then at least some would agree with me!

But since I do not want to end on a sour note, tonight is Earth Hour so turn off your lights!  Stay tuned for more on the JUNO FanFare!!

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