Thursday, 3 March 2011

An update on life.

Sorry that I haven't been able to update very frequently. School has been hard...and stressful. To think first semester would teach me something, it clearly hasn't taught me enough. I'm still working hard to boost up the GPA to something I'm more accustomed to. Who knows...maybe I'm just freaking out. But now I know I have to study and review my notes every week.......sounds really basic, but trust me, it's hard to stay concentrated.

Anyways, I'm currently working hard to getting published as well as freelancing. Clearly, Ryerson's papers aren't very keen on giving stories to me, so I have joined Global Voices, a citizen journalism section associated with Free the Children and the Toronto Star.  Of course I can't write to the fullest ability as the stories are only 350 words each. But I'll still be published right?

I have also created a blog called The Random Life Blog but the name is kind of lame...(I know). So if anyone has suggestions on a new name, please send them out? The blog will basically allow anyone who wants to write contribute whether if they're reviews, opinions, or articles...about anything. Think of it as an online paper.

But enough writing, I will update you with a couple of pictures!!

 These were at H&M and I took a picture because I know how much my cousin Rachel hates moccasins!
 Cute heart-shaped hot chocolate at Snakes and Lattes!
 Cupcake sale at Ryerson!!

 Bethany and I found a vintage pram at Honest Ed's!

 Questionable quote on an apron found at Kitchen Stuff Plus!
Boo yah!! Dancing shadow!!

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