Saturday, 24 July 2010

Better Late Than Never

I think I'm incredibly late compared to my friends as I only watched Despicable Me today.  Since most of my friends said they couldn't watch the movie with me, I was fortunate enough to have at least one friend (ANTON) come with .  It was pretty good real-talkz and bonding time with Anton! he's honestly, one of my oldest friends!!

Despicable Me was a great movie. It was SO cute.  I actually teared up a bit near the end, when Gru realized he loved the little girls as his daughters.  I'm not going to reveal too much, in case some people haven't seen it yet.  However, the movie would have been even better, had there not been an obnoxious man laughing loudly AT EVERYTHING right next to me.  I was quite unimpressed.  When I was about to leave the theatre at the end of the credits, I could still hear him laughing. UGH. Obnoxious laughter should not be allowed in theatres.

I can see why this film received generally rave reviews but I don't exactly understand why my friend thought the movie was not very good.  Maybe she's not into that ~heartfelt~ family film genre, or maybe...she doesn't like many movies?  I would definitely consider buying this film, and I don't say that about many movies, because I could just watch it online...

Other than Despicable Me, I believe that I should jump onto the Inception train real soon. Everyone is tweeting, or facebook statusing how amazing that movie is, or how much of a "mindfuck" it is.  Nice. Just please don't ruin it for me, as I am not as up-to-date as you crazy mallrats anyways!  by the way, did you know that Scarborough Town Centre is opening up a Hot Topic?  Strange isn't it?  Not to be a bit stereotypical, but I'm afraid the store won't fare well, seeing the majority of the clientele at the mall anyways...

Well, other than watching the movie, I invited Anton over. Kind of an impulse decision nonetheless, because  my house was super messy, not to mention my mother was in her lounge wear...HAHAHA

And a final note, I'm beginning to think I''m starting to improve on my driving, but I really hope this doesn't jinx it.  I drove home today with Anton in the car.  He wasn't scared of my driving and surprisingly, I didn't get many freakouts by my father!

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