Saturday, 17 July 2010

Hating this weather!

Ugh. I really dislike this weather. It's either somewhat cool in the evenings (making me not able to run) or extremely disgusting, humid, sunny, and hot during the day (when I CAN go running).  What do you want me to do summer? BE A FAT ASS? Are you trying to take me away from getting the sexy beach body, in which I plan to have?!

Aha. Well, I went running today right after it was pouring rain, and WAS IT SO MUCH EASIER TO BREATHE!!!!  And it smelt nice too! And then it started raining again...

This is such an irrelevant post. I don't even know why I'm writing this.  Anyways, all in all...Running after the rain is glorious! (when the sun is not yet showing)

I went to a driving class today, and it was fun!  I'm liking this instructor so much better than my last one. My last one always yelled at me. I think he was kind of verbally abusive. He made me feel so incompetent and stupid. But this guy is nice, relaxed and HE just tells me what I need to do. He's so much nicer!

I hope I get my G2 soon. Then I can drive to places, and my parents don't have to insist on driving me to places (in which sometimes they don't want to) again !!

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