Monday, 19 July 2010

Youtube annoys me

Youtube has been pissing me off lately. They don't allow for videos over 10 minutes even though I've seen videos online that are like 20 minutes long! And also, it takes FOREVER to upload movies. Like it says 300 minutes to load. WTF? Why does it take so long? It's not like my video is of the best quality. By the way, if anyone sees this, Advanced Upload isn't always the best option. It will still take a really long time.

I was beginning to wonder whether uploading my movie was even worth it or MEANT TO BE. I mean, I tried a countless number of times, which was physically exhausting.  I kept going back to check if the computer went on sleep, or whether there was an error while uploading. UGH. It annoys me so much!! But then, I just decided to split the video in half, which I usually avoid doing at ALL costs.

But then, I succeeded! My movie is now online and I shall post it in a further entry. SOON TO COME!!

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