Thursday, 22 July 2010

I should really broaden my Journalism Horizons

I came across this girl's journalism blog. And yes, I was doing a little bit of creeping around...because I am curious of the other students in my journalism program.  And from what I saw on her blog, I noticed that she is REALLY into it.  She goes to so many places, and interviews celebrities everywhere.  I think I need a life, because I should start doing things like this.  I've recently taken a great liking to investigative reporting.  I am always curious about other people, certain places, events, etc.  I am always (lack of better words) sneaking around and searching for more information on the given thing that sparks my interest.  I think I'd really like to be an undercover correspondent. That sounds extremely adventurous, kinda dangerous, but also really interesting.  I'd get to be a bystander at places such as protests, and it would be so much fun to report my findings.  Just a thought...

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