Thursday, 15 July 2010


This is quite late...but two weeks ago, I GRADUATED!!!! I'm quite glad that I am done high school because there were several people I wouldn't even want to think about dealing with in the future there.  I honestly love my Gerald friends and summer school friends more than  most of my high school friends.  However, there are a couple that I am quite confident to stay friends with for years to come.

I got into some problems a couple days before graduation, and quite frankly, it was kind of unnecessary. I suppose this is why you don't date in high school because it causes too many problems!  Does this sound harsh? I've been told that I have been being harsh about this whole situation, but honestly I just feel that being honest through it all is the right thing to do.  I'm doing this thing where I'm learning how to take constructive criticism, as well as offering my constructive criticism, instead of being fake and quiet about it.

But now that the drama is settled, I can actually talk about my Graduation.  I still don't understand why we are keeping our Grad Gowns.  I don't know what I'm going to be using it for.  Maybe I can make it into a dress? That sounds kind of lame.  Besides, the material is cheap polyester.

Anyways, when I got to school. It was quite exciting and sad at the same time.  I mean I was happy, but I knew the beginning of the end was coming. The end of high school that is.  So many familiar faces, so many friends, that  I might not even see anymore. 

After we all got our roses, we had to line up for 20 minutes...and that SEEMED FOREVER!!  However, Pomp and Circumstance started and we walked into the gym.  I was getting quite anxious when they were calling out graduates, because I just wanted to get my diploma already!!  By the way, the teacher announcing my name was really nasally. I was kind of upset Mr. Cerre didn't announce my name.  Anyways, when I got on stage, I got Excellence in Interdiciplinary Studies (Journalism Award) which made me quite thrilled, since I got an award in my field of interest!!!

However, the biggest surprise was when I got called to get the first Graduation Award---The Jostens Award. I sound ungrateful here, but I kind of wish I got some money. Instead, I got a wristwatch. But an award is an award, so I'm still content about that.

When the ceremony ended, it was time for pictures. I think I took a bit too many pictures with people. But I like to think that the more, the merrier!

After rushing home, I got my hair did.  If you have seen me recently, my hair isn't really that long.  However, the guy who did my hair, made it seem SO BIG. ME LIKE =)

Getting to prom was a little awkward.  I had a little ride dilemma, but I did get a ride after all. I swear I was going with Jan, so it wouldn't be too awkward, but last minute...he decided to go in a LIMO!! was just me and two others that I didn't know that well.  It was AWKWARD. But it doesn't matter I suppose.

The Liberty Grand was nice as always, but I didn't like how early I arrived, and how we had to wait like 45 minutes to get into the banquet hall. op again!

Everything about prom was good, until the DJ started playing the music.  It was actually so bad.  They played Wavin Flag. HOW DO YOU DANCE TO THAT?  Not to mention, I kind of felt bad for ____ because he doesn't dance. Like, I felt it was all my fault...BRINGING HIM TO PROM =(

I can't really say much after that. I couldn't go to the After Prom because I had to go to Vancouver the next day. However, I don't think I would have lasted long there anyways.  I was pooped!  Even when I got home, I slept at 4 am.

High school is over now, and now a new milestone awaits! 

Congrats Class of 2010!

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