Sunday, 29 August 2010

G2 Exam

Yesterday was my G2 driver's exam.  Even though I live closer to the Lawrence and Victoria Park area, my instructor opted for the Aurora location.  It's kind of a bitch to drive up there when you aren't using the highways because it takes around 40 minutes to drive up.  To add onto that, my instructor asked me to go into small neighbourhoods to practice parallel parking and three point turns. However, I'm kind of glad I took my exam there because it was much easier.  There was less traffic,  fewer people, and the streets were not busy at all.  As well, that, my test was at 4:25 pm, close to closing time.Good thinking on my instructor's part because my test only lasted around 10 minutes. 

All I had to do was downhill park, three point turn, and back in.  And then, I passed!  It was much easier than I thought because I kind of didn't have confidence in myself.  I thought I was going to fail after hearing all those stories about people failing their G2 test three times.  It also did not help to see a grown woman bawling her eyes out for failing.  

It is honestly such a relief that I have my G2 now because I don't have to continue on with classes after the summer with university going to get in the way. It kind of proves to me that my summer hasn't been a complete waste, as I practiced practically every single day.  Now I am super excited to go cruising around town by myself!  I just have to keep careful now.

P.S.  I found the examiners really monotone.  The man I got told me I passed, and when I celebrated with an enthusiastic 'YAY!', he just looked at me like I was crazy...Oh well...I PASSED YAHOO

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