Thursday, 19 August 2010


This is my finalized schedule for the fall semester.  At first I wanted to take Popular Culture for my elective, but it turns out that it was either full or conflicted with my other classes.  I was really angry Popular Culture filled up so quickly because I woke up early just to enroll!!  And so, I tried Music and Film, Politics and Film, History of Film and The Art of Culture...all complete no-gos.  So then, I tried The Politics of Human Needs.  And finally, it fit into my schedule.

But I didn't want that course.

I wanted to avoid anything politics related (except for Politics and Film because it had to do with Film) because I'm not interested in that subject.  So then, I decided then and there that I would take up French and continue where I left off.  I took the online placement test (I'm not going to lie here, I used the dictionary to help me find words when composing.) and apparently, I'm in Intermediate FRENCH II! That makes me really scared because I heard University French is difficult and completely different from high school. So what should I expect?

I think for now I'm going to stay optimistic about the course because the profs said I COULD switch to the lower level within the first two weeks. Good thing that class fits into my schedule as well. Now that I think of it, I'm kind of glad I stuck with French.

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