Sunday, 15 May 2011

Meeting my love...Mr. Patrick Chan

Anyone who knows me knows I love Patrick Chan. And if you don't know who he is, he is a Canadian figure skater who represented Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics. 

For the record, to all the haters out there who don't like him...I'd just like to say that he is now the World Figure Skating Champion, Quad Master, and World Record holder x 3!!  

SO HA! Suck it haters! (By the way Bethany, if you're reading this I'm totally talking to you.....)
For the record, I'm not a creep.

I may get over excited by PChiddy, but do not think that I will line up longer than 24 hours just to see him.  He's there will most likely be other chances.  Second of all, I actually know people who are friends with him (or are friends of friends of his...).

So yes, there are ways to meet him.  

But in terms of meeting celebrities, I’ve heard many stories about crazy fans stalking famous people. Last week, I read a story about a man who was on a court trial  for breaching a restraining order from Shania Twain.  Also from last week, I read that a woman lined up 32 hours just to get her book signed by Shania in Toronto. 

I’m sorry, but some people are a bit crazy. 

Yes, it will be disappointing not to meet your idol, celebrity crush, favourite singer/actor…but so what? 

There will probably be other chances. Famous people are normal people as well. And as talented and wonderful they are, do you seriously need to go great lengths just to meet them?  

I mean, the only way they will probably remember you is if you attend every single show and signing they're at (which is hardcore and borderline obsessive), interview them (so you can get to know them at a more personal level), become famous yourself (then you would have the connections), or if you stalk them...(which we all know in this case, never ends well). 

And that my friends, is probably a perk about being a journalist.  I tried to get an interview with Patrick, but unfortunately time constraints didn't allow me to.  However, my contact info has been sent to his possibly...I could get to speak with him at a later date.  I really doubt this will be made possible, but I can keep hoping right?  The media person thought my blog was fantastic...which cured my disappointment a bit.

Nonetheless, I still got to meet Patrick.

It was McHappy Day on Wednesday and I found out on Twitter that Patrick was going to be there.  It was quite early in the morning, but I asked my friend Arti to come along. God bless her, she woke up early to accompany me!!!! (me luv u long time gurl!!)

When we got to McDonalds, I was very happy not a lot of people were there.  After donating to the Ronald McDonald House and having a conversation with the creepy Ronald McDonald...I looked up and saw Patrick and a bunch of people!!

It just so happened that he was coming my way, so I kind of stood there staring for a bit.  A bit stunned because I couldn't believe it was real life.......

If you would like a reenactment of my reactions, please watch the video below:  

I know Patrick probably gets a lot of fan mail, but I decided to give him something witty and (cute?!?!).  I am nowhere near an artist, but I made him a little masterpiece.
 It's incredibly corny, but at least he laughed at it.  I felt so bad because I accidentally said his score at Worlds was almost 200 (which is really bad in figure skating...) but I was quick enough to correct myself and said almost 300!  I did however, remember that his overall score at Worlds was 280...something...but the Ronald McDonald added that the exact score was 280.95. (But really, it was 280.98 because I just fact-checked on the internet)...

Therefore, I embarrassed myself in front of Patrick.  (Sometimes I hate my life...)

And does it also make me embarrassing and shameless to ask for a hug?  I guess it really doesn't matter because PChiddy totally did hug me! Lastly, I also told him I was a journalist hoping to go to the Olympics. He said he'd remember me!! (That made my day and everything was wonderful and nothing hurt....)

And so before I stop gushing about Patrick Chan, which I know you're all probably bored or annoyed about right now...I will leave you with the letter I wrote him. Again, it's embarrassing...but personal.  I thought something personal would have a better chance of him keeping it...


 P.S.  The bottom says:

P.S.  Sorry if I acted all ~* fan-girl*~, awkward, shy, etc when meeting you.  I'm honestly a bit besotted by you, but I'm sure you get that a lot.

P.P.S.  I still find it so cute and funny how he's wearing an apron!!!!!


  1. oooh what an honor! =)

  2. Hah, you are so funny! Great that you made it!

  3. Thank-you for the comment my lovely :3 xx

  4. Awww! I remember him from the Olympics and totally had a mini crush on him! Very cool that you got to meet him. How cool would it be if you got to interview him later! Even more cool, that's how cool! ;)

    I'm sure you couldn't have acted TOO fan girlish around him. Because if you were a total fan girl, you probably wouldn't have realized you were being fan girly awkward and shy, ya know? Your video rocked, by the way.

    P.S. Did you really ask for a hug?