Sunday, 1 May 2011

First Year...Done. Finito.

A couple days late, but I officially finished my first year of university last Wednesday.

Thoughts on how first year went?
Amazing...though school was not what I thought it would be.

The people in my program are awesome and I love them all (well most of them anyways). I love my journalism class and professor as I feel we've somewhat became a family after being stuck in the same room every Tuesday for both semesters.

Work wise, it was difficult.  Coming into university with 80s to 90s (I'm not trying to brag...I SWEAR!!!!!!) I was hoping my marks would stay roughly the same if not just a bit lower.

How wrong was I.  There I was, plummeting from high 80s and 90s to 70s and even 60s.  Nonetheless, it was eyeopening.  It pushed me to try harder than my hardest and not take my education for granted.

But if it's one thing I learned, university is way better than high school. The professors actually treat you like mature adults and don't look at us like naive children.  As for the people, thank goodness there were no petty, little dramas.

And with going to school downtown,  it's awesome.  Never have I been on so many adventures.  Never would I have thought that I would interview a local politician, a Paralympic gold medalist, a cute cafe barista, a Toronto rapper, my journalist idol(s), or affected residents from the Wellesley St. fire.

But as fun as I had with all these assignments, it didn't mean I behaved like the perfect journalist.  I have been yelled at for being disrespectful, given dirty looks by onlookers, and rejected a countless number of times by people who wouldn't give me two minutes of their time. 

Yes, I was stupid.  But, I'm still learning.  First year was amazing, and I hope the next three will be the same, if not better!!  You're all amazing!!


  1. Congratulations Samantha! You made it through the hardest part!

  2. Congrats! I'm sure it was very tough getting through but you worked hard and it paid off! Now hopefully the next three years will be easier :)

    x, I