Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My summer with a couple of shameless plugs

So it's about week two of my summer vacation and the last week before my job begins.  It isn't anything exciting, but at least it's flexible.  Next week, I will be working as a file clerk/receptionist at a law office.  Hopefully in July, I will be working at my former high school as a teacher assistant.  

I'm thankful I found something to keep me busy for the four month break I have. Finding work has been a challenge because I don't have any retail experience.  In this case, I don't really think I'll ever find a job in retail...sigh.

I won't delve too much on this topic, but if you must, watch the video above and ALL WILL BE CLEAR.

On another note, I am currently interning and contributing for Canculture, a new online magazine focusing on local arts and culture.  And even though it was by created "rival" Carleton journalists, it's all love when it comes to getting the stories and covering events.  So far, I have written two reviews for HotDocs, a film festival for international documentaries.  (You can check them out here and here)

Other than that, nothing much as been taking place...other than meeting UFC fighters Ryan Bader and Jon Fitch!!

Unfortunately, I could never be intense enough to pass off as a UFC fighter....

At least I tried.

But with more exciting news, I also met the legendary figure skater Kurt Browning!! Other figure skaters there were Jeff Buttle, Shawn Sawyer, Jamie Sale, David Pelletier and 2010 Olympic bronze medalist Joannie Rochette.  It was so awesome to meet Joannie after watching what she went through last year at the Vancouver Olympics.  Truly, what an inspiration and role model for Canadians!  What a gorgeous performance!

However, meeting Kurt Browning was probably the bigger highlight.  He is a four time Figure Skating World Champion and his skating style is simply just exquisite!

Embarrassingly enough, I was star-struck.  Just a bit.  I told him I wanted to report at the Olympics as a broadcaster and started to gush about Patrick Chan right after.  If you don't know already, Patrick Chan is another figure skater whom I love and (hopefully one day will marry....).

Of course, I'm only half joking...but a girl can always dream...

And amongst all the Royal Wedding hoopla, my friend Bethany and I also met the Royals...well, their cut-outs anyways.

Unlike most people, I was not into the hype about the Royal Wedding.  Kate and William are a beautiful couple, but all the attention from the cake, the dress, the fascinators, the flowers, the guests, the honeymoon, etc. was blown way out of proportion!  They are normal people!!!

But nonetheless, this photo was fun!

Stay tuned for more as I will posting more frequently in the summer!  Cheers!

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