Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Taking the streets of Downtown Toronto.

 These photos are a couple weeks late, but I finally got a hold of them from my good friend Nicole Caguiat, a budding marketing student who wants to start her own blog!! (By the way you better get on that because I need to add you to my blog roll!!)

We toured around Yorkville and various locations downtown for a few nice photos...mainly because Nicole wanted to take some photos for her blog.  And knowing me and my dream of becoming famous (HAHAHA...), I couldn't help but model for a few pics as well! 

But to say the least, I am unfortunately not the most photogenic person on the planet.  If I don't smile, I end up having this "chronic bitchface" look that makes me want to bite everyone's head off!!

But I am nothing like that!! I am a kind-hearted human being with lots of love to share!!

Exhibit A...on the right --------->

 I guess a smile really is a girl's best accessory!!

And here is Nicole in a lovely dress! 

 Nicole looking modeltastic!! Do you think she could pass off as a model??! I mean, a guy did hit on her while we were walking out of Starbucks!!! 

And here is me...with my Chronic bitchface
  AND here is me...Without the Chronic bitchface!!

Okay but seriously, here is a pic I am proud to say is a good one.


  1. Hey Samantha! I just wanted to say thank you for the nice comment you left. I don't know why you deleted it, but it was one of the nicest things I've read and I really appreciated it. =]

  2. Thanks for passing by my blog!