Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Composition I wrote in early Grade 7

I have been doing some spring cleaning lately (Yes, I know it isn't the right season!!) and I came upon some old compositions I wrote in the September month of Grade 7.  I think this one truly illustrates how I will always feel towards the subject Math.

E= MC^2

My teachers are always telling me that if I learn math in grades seven and eight, I will know the math in high school.  Well, it would just be a little harder.  

Oh, I've got a lot to wait for!  Sure school math is simple, but once, I had to do some high school math a tutor gave me.  It was algebra and fractions together.  Just looking at it made me dizzy!  I couldn't understand a single thing.  Knowing that I had to do the work made me feel like I was in Math Prison

Then there was this other time.  My tutor gave me algebra integers.  Once again, it totally baffled me.  My mother asked why I didn't pay attention.  I told her I tried but it was just too confusing.  

As you can see, math is harder than you think.  It can be so complicated.  What are math teachers trying to do?  Make us as smart as Einstein?

So...if a teacher asks you how to explain a hard question like "E=MC^2," tell her that you're not a genius!!


This is poorly structured, but how I wish I told that to the worst of the worst teachers!

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  1. Ah! it's completely the same for me too! I try VERY hard to stay focused when my math teacher is teaching a lesson but it just goes right over me haha

    That's probably why I'm a senior in high school and taking Geometry haha

    Great post!