Thursday, 2 September 2010

Journalism Orientation

After attending my academic orientation in addition to seeing the facilities I get to take advantage of, I have concluded that I am at the right school and program. I had previously visited the Rogers Communications Centre, but I have never really looked around.  But after having a second tour, I cannot wait to start classes!

  When I reached the building at a very early 9:00 am, it was time to mingle.  Today was my absolute favourite day of the entire frosh week because I finally got to meet people in my program.  Everyone is so nice, outgoing and friendly. These are not only my future classmates, but they are also potential colleagues and partners in the career of my choice.

I certainly did not DRESS for the occasion.  I don't know about anyone else in Journalism school, but after seeing a lot of the people today, I feel like I should step up my wardrobe.  I felt so plain, and kind of messy! AGH...They even took press photos of us today!  Although I wasn't ready, I did feel very nice about having my picture taken.  It felt very professional but the photographer kept taking photos of me!  It HAD to be PERFECT:  "There's something wrong with the lighting....It's too dark...How about fixing your smile...?...Hmm...the glare is too bright..."

Well...I suppose it really is important to get that perfect shot! Hopefully this can somewhat help me get an internship hahahaaaa..

My favourite part of the whole orientation process was the panel of second-year students offering advice ranging from tough professors and assignments to getting involved at school.  The whole thing really made me inspired to go out and find internships and to get ahead right away.

But all of this information is very overwhelming for me.  I know what I can expect, but I will not actually know how it will feel like until I start the program. I have heard that my first few assignments are going to be torn apart in terms of sentence structure, content, and grammar.  I'm a girl who's used to 80s and 90s, how am I going to prepare for 70s?  And also, what about the grammar test? Even though people say it's NOT that HARD..., I'm still worried because a lot of people still fail!  I suppose that's another thing I have to look forward to...

P.S.  I'm a girl who wants to go into broadcast journalism.  So does the majority of the people (COUGH girls) in my program.  Therefore, I'm kind of assuming that it will be kind of cut-throat and competitive.  I suppose it's time to step my game up! SERIOUS BUSINESS. They need more Asians in the field.

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