Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Yesterday, I received my first assignment back.  It was not pretty.

As a student who did pretty good in English at school, I got a C-, my first in a really long time. Of course, none of this is going towards my final grade, but it really shot me down.  I'm used to getting 80s and 90s in my assignments, and clearly university is proving to me that this is REALITY and no longer high school.  Though I am shot down about this, I feel very motivated to do better and progress. I will delve into more detail later, because I'm planning to start video blogging again.  I dream of becoming a broadcast journalist one day, but I first have to get used to speaking clearly and gaining more experience.  However, I don't have much.  Therefore, I am going to start my own little project...with the help of a potential collaboration from a suggestion made by a friend.

Check back soon for more deets!!!

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  1. That happens to me! a little more than usual lol
    Hope you'll get to share the details on your little project!