Monday, 6 September 2010

Uni's what you make it.

As I write this as I wait for the guy to finish fixing my shower, I am going to recap my first week of University...well sortof.  It hasn't officially started yet, but Ryerson University is seriously better than I expected.  Mostly everyone is commuting, and if not, I have found a couple of friends who have apartments downtown.  Can you say party time?!

The first couple days of Frosh were a bit awkward for me because it's a whole new environment with so many people of different personalities.  I don't think I've met anyone who wasn't open to meeting new people, because everyone I talked to were pretty nice and friendly! Frosh has tired me out...thanks to the blistering heat and staying outside most of the time.

As you all might of read in a couple of blog posts before, I mentioned about the subway having issues.  I was so scared I was going to be late for Frosh, but it turns out I arrived on time! When I got Ryerson I was supposed to sign up for Orientation.  They put me in Group 1, but since it was kind of unorganized, I joined Team 16.  Team 16 was probably better than Team 1 anyways because both of my leaders are 4th year Journalism students.  They really helped me with a lot of my questions and told me not to worry too much about what's to come.  They actually told me to lower my expectations in terms of my marks because my assignments are going to be torn apart.  I guess I'm just going to have to get used to constructive criticism! (I'm not really good at taking it)

I'm not going to go on a writing tangent on all the events that took place during Frosh week to save you from boredom, but some of my highlights consisted of the Photo Scavenger Hunt, Hypnotist Show, Guiness World Record Beat-Boxing Contest, MTV Live and my Academic Orientation.

The best part was definitely the Photo Scavenger Hunt because we got to not only travel around the city taking whacky pics, but we got to cheer obnoxiously too.  While the Scavenger hunt was taking place, we also had to trade a Pipe Cleaner for something better.  This means that we had to go around asking people what they had that was better than what we had in exchange for our lousy little pipe cleaner.  Sounds tough to do, but we ended up with a Bracelet.  We almost got a real cellphone from this sketchy guy until we told him the bracelet wasn't real diamonds. I wonder if we should have lied...haha that wouldn't have been a good idea!

 Another memorable thing that happened during the Scavenger Hunt was when our team stopped the police car just so we could take a picture with them.  However, someone was getting arrested at the time, so they sadly declined.  However, one of the police officers told us to laugh at the person being arrested...which I find quite mean and funny at the same time...

To say the least about the other events:  we broke the Guiness World Record (though Brock is going to try to beat us!), I want to try be hyponotized now after seeing the Hypnotist, MTV Live was too short and kind of boring, and Academic Orientation was probably the most helpful and social day of my week! 

From what I'm seeing here is, University life without living on campus can be fun as well!  I suppose it's what you make it so now I'm just trying to be as social and true to myself as possible. This means that I will be attending events and joining a ton of clubs instead of rushing home after class.  By the way, there are only about 20-ish Asian people in the entire Journalism program.  I'm thinking I should befriend all these Asians, because ASIANS stick together! Wow, I kind of sound like a jerk for saying that and I'm sorrrryyy!!  Everyone can be my friend!!! =)

In the mean time, I am currently saving money and proving to my parents to let me live in an apartment downtown.  I know it's expensive, but I am going to become the stingiest Asian person ever to find an accommodation.  I'm sick of living at home and I WILL SUCCEED!  THIS DETERMINATION WILL NOT DIE!!


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