Thursday, 16 September 2010

Feeling truly honoured...

 Many people have a reason as to why they want to become a journalist.  Some are inspired by columnists, and some are into politics. As typical as this seems, I was sparked through watching Muchmusic in elementary school.  I know this seems like a bad reason to become a journalist because many frown upon pop culture news.  However, it was always more than that for me. At Muchmusic, I found that they always used arts and culture to promote something good for viewers whether it was a charity, or a non-profit organization. For me, I didn't just want a cool job interviewing celebrities. What I wanted, was to use my job as a journalist to provoke a positive change in the world.

So there's no surprise how quickly I jumped at an opportunity to talk to one of my favourite Muchmusic VJs.  

I had this school assignment that required me to interview a journalist and and I had a bit of trouble finding reporters who would spare JUST FIVE- TEN MINUTES with me for an interview.  20 emails sent out, I got five replies back. One was at New York Fashion Week and couldn't talk until Friday.  Another, was 'crazy busy' and also couldn't talk until Friday. Another, was an assistant saying how George Strombo was very busy and gets many requests for an interview. While the other, didn't want to give her number away...which was respectable, but offered to call me.  One journalist said I could call her. However, that was until I found someone better and more inspirational to me.  The fact that she took time off to talk to me is so flattering because I wasn't even expecting a reply!

(I referred the other journalist to a fellow j-skooler so she could complete her assignment!!)

So to keep you from being curious....I talked to Hannah Sung!

Hannah Sung used to work as a Muchmusic VJ.  However, her work was always geared toward the music/entertainment journalism side as opposed to the Leah MIller 'talk-show host style'.  What I like most about Hannah is her passion to cover stories about making positive changes in the world one small step at a time.  She is so inspiring to me because she quit a dream job as a Muchmusic VJ to travel to Indonesia and East Timor to make a documentary about youth coping with the effects of the 2005 Tsunami.  Not only that, she continues to be a social activist, writing and covering stories about making a difference.

She is one of the reasons why I want this job because she is an example of what I want to be when I grow up.  I realize I sound like I'm writing some persuasive essay over here, but she has really made an impact on me.  I really hope I didn't sound like a nervous loser on the phone!!!  She is so articulate...and SHE IS SO NICE.  I hope to meet her in real life one day.  After that, it's George Stromboloupolous. I just hope he has some more time.

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